Australia: Half-Abo Abomination Decapitates Her White Mother with Several Knives

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This is what happens when humans mate with non-humans.


What do you get when you mix one white human with one abo humanoid? Looking at that photo a Pajeet!


Doesn’t surprise me this is an abo cunt. This seems savage to us humans but this was completely normal for aboriginals before the first fleet arrived. Aboriginal fathers use to kill their first born son to feed to the mother and the rest of the family for “double the strength” and they didn’t know that sex makes babies, the British colonialists had to teach them sex makes babies and eating your son doesn’t make you stronger.

That may sound completely unbelievable to anyone outside of Australia but let me tell you as an Aussie, there was a reason they were classified as wildlife under the flora and fauna act pre 1967. Anybody that has dealt with them in any kind, whether its public transport or school (like me), you’d know how fucked they are. Hell even the we all bleed red leftist lunatics dam well know aboriginals are fucked.


“Half-Abo Abomination Decapitates Her White Mother with Several Knives”


Oh, really?
(sips tea, smacks lips)


Here’s an almost human/SILVERBACK pairing:



Double win.


I was reading a review of Richard Lynn’s new book yesterda “Beyond the Bell Curve”. It talks about the rates of psychopathy in different races. Obviously the nibbas had far more (7x) psychos than humans, but Australian Abbos had more than double that!
Combine that with an average IQ of 62…


You could indeed swap Warcraft III Undead abominations for this creature.

Could have a special skill: decapitate mudshark mom.

These mudsharks pay the toll in the end, they can’t avoid it on the long run.


The more depraved and abnormal the coupling, the more spectacular the toll paid by the mudshark.


I don’t think we talk about abos enough. They are the greatest proof that the races are unequal. What’s more, they seem to have no redeeming qualities. Even in Africans there is a glimmer of humanity. But abos seem to be totally alien. I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, but abos are the closest thing to a living “missing link” between humans and apes.

And the average normie outside of Australia knows almost nothing about them. I like to tell people about the “don’t sleep in the road” PSA and the gasoline that you can’t huff. People usually don’t believe it, but they find it funny and interesting.


What is the abo-reasoning for them sleeping on the road? Is because it’s warmer at night to sleep on or something?


She should’ve handed over the Chevron rewards card and this wouldn’t have had to happen


The only thing more shocking than the fact that some whites have children with Aborigines is that whites and Aborigines can have children together at all.

I can’t find a link to an article I read about low-fertility issues involving abo-White mongrels. There are just too many articles about infertility for me to sift through to find it right now but infertility is often the result of crossing vastly different groups. As an example consider the mule, which is the result of crossing a donkey and a horse. The mule is infertile and cannot mate with another mule to produce a line of mules.

These things are simply a different species from us.

John R. Baker deals with the Australian Aborigine (Australids) starting on page 271:

Aborigines exhibit many primitive characteristics including prognathism, smaller and less complex brains, thicker skull bones, larger teeth, pronounced brow-ridges and a number of other features which differ starkly from Whites. Baker’s book is worth a read.


Imagine bedding down with an absolute neanderthal. Producing that fat creature, raising that monstrosity probably properly too. Only to have it literally decapitate you in your own home. Good god white wimmenz are ray tards.


This is sad because the mudshark mommy looks like a good person and was probably hot when she was young.

and i thought that there was nothing worse than race mixing with a negro. i stand corrected.


Fact ! 😎


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